SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchaseĀ HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • Avatar Kaori says:

    I love “The American dreams”
    And looking forward to 1st album.can’t wait šŸ˜‰
    If possible, I hope to see your show in JAPAN.
    **Big love**

  • Avatar dtimboyd says:

    thanks for the great song and looking forward to the rest of the music…

  • Avatar Brandon says:

    So happy to see you guys back together again….loved silvertide and got the chance to see both of you with them four times, even once when nick had a broke foot. Cant wait to hear the new stuff…keep the great rock coming , its been way too long

  • Avatar Lloyd Puckett says:

    Great to see Nick and Walt back together again. I hope we here some Silvertide songs in concert! I will see these guys in Houston soon I hope! If not, I will travel to where they are playing.

  • Avatar Alicia says:

    Just heard you on WMMR last night for the first time, Reminded us of something old and classic that we somehow missed – at first we doubted it would be new Rock so cool – we were mesmerized by the new sound, then the guitar solo – BRING IT BACK!!! Surprised you are were on a local thing and hadn’t been picked up yet. Rock On!

  • Avatar Carol says:

    You know, young man, I may be 60, but I ain’t dead. Yet. I’ve watched and admired your energy and musicianship for awhile now (ahem…vis a vis Shinedown’s “Diamond Eyes” video…MANY times!!). Look out…I’ll be watching you! While I listen to your new offering on my iPod. Whatever. I can only wish you the very best, and trust that your strengths and talents carry you further and forward along your chosen path. Just do it.

  • Avatar Yasu says:

    really love “we are more” and “The american dreams”!! I want to get more of your new songs! Hope to have your full album soon.
    Too amazing! from Japan.

  • Avatar Nick Perri says:

    Hey guys!

    SINAI’s first single is coming out tomorrow on iTunes! We will be releasing much more music soon. Thanx for your love & support. We’re JUST getting started. Thanx!

  • Avatar Joe Stockton says:

    I’ve been in mourning since the demise of Sliver Tide(the best rock n roll) band ever.So finding SINAI is fantastic! is there anyway of getting hold of your music?

  • Avatar Matt says:

    When are you releasing an album for purchase? Not to put any pressure on you but I’ve been waiting for something to jam out to on my way to work from you guys. Ever since Silvertide and Automatic Fire I’ve been hooked on your tunes. Rock on!

  • Avatar Matze says:

    hi again,

    still coming up hear from time to time to listen to your new tunes.
    can’t wait for a full album release.
    guess the chances that you will come down here to germany for a couple of gigs is pretty low.
    but still i don’t give up to hope for you to come here and show us some good music.



  • Avatar MykCer says:

    I’m loving your music guys… where can i purchase your songs? “shake” keeps me triggering my camera… really nice song i wish i can have it. greetings from Philippines~Dubai.

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Hey MykCer,
      We’re talking about releasing a few of these demos via iTunes right now… keep checking back on the site over the next few weeks to find out when.

    • Avatar Garett Langenbacher says:

      Nick and Walt,
      I loved your work with Silvertide. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from your work with Sinai!

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