My brothers & sisters,

 How the hell are ya’s!? Huh? Write in and let me know sometime!
 I’m aware of how tough it is out there, trust me it effects us all, but I do know there is a lot to be excited about.
 Summer is just around the bend, the economy is starting to pick up again, and SINAI is releasing a single every other week for the next month!

Yup! You heard right. In fact, our next release, “We Are More” will hit iTunes on May 2nd.
 Please pass it on and look out for more in the coming weeks.

Other than that, life has been crazy as usual. Most times I take on wayyyyyy too much for one dude, but that’s always been my style. Walt & Shane laugh at me all the time because I usually complain a little at rehearsal. Ha! Hey.. I don’t mind. I’m growing an empire! ; )))

SINAI is and always will be my #1 however, and I take great pride in knowing we all give it our best. The songs we are writing and the live performance we have been honing will surely bring a smile to your face at the next show. We’re all very proud of this band, and we will stop at nothing to win.

All of us have worked hard to get here, and have given up a lot along the way. That’s no call for sympathy.. just the stone cold truth. It’s what we were born to do, so there are never regrets. With each passing day I get hungrier and hungrier and I f#cking can’t wait to bring this show on the road!!!!!! There is sooooo much I (we) have wanted to do throughout our careers and have never had the opportunity to see it happen. This time, it’s our show. There are no debbie downer’s in this band. We’re all here to have fun, write the best songs possible, and kick ass every step of the way. Are you with me???



I hope this finds all of you well, first and foremost.
 I had a few spare minutes (rare these dayz!) and I thought I’d share the latest in my world.
 Well before I get to “my” world, let’s talk about SINAI.
Although you haven’t heard too much out of us for the last few weeks, it’s for a damn good reason:
 We’ve been busy! Writing, rehearsing, and getting our live show fine tuned and tweaked. 
There are some really exciting announcements coming this week, so please stay tuned to the website.

In other news, as I’m sure you have all heard by now, I am getting ready to release my own brand of boutique custom guitars. SICK! I’m so stoked on this. It’s been something I’ve dreamt of doing since the day I started playing. I am blessed for sure as it’s not a venture I, or any one man, could pull off himself. PERRI INK. LLC – my company – has partnered with some of the biggest & best names in the guitar universe, and there have been many people working together to pool their resources to help launch this brand.. Perri Ink. Guitars!

If you haven’t seen the pictures or the videos of all the juicy sneak peaks.. do it! &

Life is good folks. Always changing, always causing me to spin my head in disbelief or awe or “WTF!?”.. sometimes all at the same time. That’s what is awesome about our universe. None of us knows what’s ahead. 
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.



Hello my friends,

I’m almost bursting at the seams as I write this tonight.
Today was HUGE, for a business endeavor of mine, and I couldn’t be more excited right now.

As some of you know I have been as deep into the business side of music, as the art of it.

About 5 years ago I first had the idea for “PERRI INK. LLC”, an umbrella company I founded to host a number of other companies with a wide range of products and services.

Today, one of those companies broke new ground with a partnership that I am ecstatic about!

I apologize for being so vague, but in due time all the amazing details will come to light.

For now, I just wanted to tell you that something HUGE is in the works and to stay tuned to this website and all of our others as well. I will tell you all this: In the next few months a revolutionary product will be launched for guitarists.

Something that I have had in my head for over 15 years, and something that I and PERRI INK. LLC is extremely proud to bring you.

Stay tuned..




Whats up my friends!?
Hope you are all doing well, and the holiday season has been good to you.
I know I’m 2 days early, but better than 2 days late when I say.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
Excited doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings towards this new year, and the possibilities it brings for SINAI.

We are working harder and faster and more intensely than ever before to roll out the BEST songs, shows, and videos humanly possible. On that note, stay tuned for some new material debuting in the next few weeks. You can watch a sneak peak of one of the new songs “The American Dream” up on our video page now!! It was filmed during our recent show here in Philadelphia on the 27th.

Actually, as I was having my coffee this morning, and letting my thoughts run freely, it dawned on me that 2011 marks another special anniversary for me personally. It was 15 years ago this spring that I bought my first guitar and started down the path that has led me here. What a journey it has been. I remember sitting for 1000’s of hours watching AC/DC, Zeppelin, and Van Halen VHS tapes until I wore them out completely.. literally! Fitting than that I should be in the mood I have been the last couple of weeks:

See for a guitarist / songwriter, there is always the balance of time spent playing the guitar – getting better as a player and technician of the instrument – and time spent crafting and writing songs. While the phases go back and forth quite regularly it is always welcomed to have an inspiring moment  – of either! I had such a moment while driving the band van the other week and I was reminded of a childhood ambition to the “be the BEST lead guitarist in the world” that I had 15 years ago = ) While I have since realized there are far too many incredible musicians out there for any one singular BEST, I have never stopped trying to climb the mountain, so to speak, of playing and growing and reaching for new heights as a player. This year for me, aside from the consistent goal of trying to write the best songs possible, I have decided to spend a little more time “in the woodshed” honing and refining my craft as a lead guitarist. There is soooooooooooo much more I hear in my head that I want to figure out how to translate on these 6 beautiful strings. It’s like the deepest rabbit hole in the universe.. it never ends and can never be filled up. Well my friends, here is to jumping in both feet first.. and never looking back.



My brothers & sisters:

Damn, time is flying by. Been 10 months since I landed back in Philadelphia to start this crazy journey. Knowing you are with me has made the successes sweeter and the setbacks bearable. I thank you, as always, for being part of our family. The SINAI family is strong and growing everyday. Please continue to tell your friends and spread the word anyway you can.

We are gearing up for a BIG year. 2011 is the year SINAI breaks through to the world, I know it. If you haven’t been nosing around the website in a while, give it a gander = ) There is new stuffs everywhere! Pics, vids, lyrics, MERCH, and music! We are working as hard and fast as possible to bring you even more, so please come back daily to see the happenings.

I will check in with you next week. Until then..




Hey friends,

First off, I hope all of you had a great Thanxgiving!
We sure did. The celebrations kicked off the night before with our very first live show.
Thanx to ALL who came out, and for those of you who missed it, you’re in luck..
We just announced our 2ND! live show! Dec 26th at the World Cafe Live here in Philadelphia, PA.
You can purchase tickets at a discounted rate here:
To all of you who are outside the surrounding area, no worries.. we will be coming to all of your towns next year. I promise.

Next order of business: The show was indeed a smashing success, and there are tons of photos and videos to prove it!
We have already posted 2 of the videos, but many more are on the way.
You can view them under the “videos” tab on this website.
Also, thanx to Jared Polin we have posted the most amazing photos from that evening.
You can see over 60 images here on this website and an additional 30 on the street team site.
Speaking of which, the street team site has 2 contests nearing an end. Don’t miss out on the chance to win SINAI prizes and merchandise.

On THAT note, we are launching our Official SINAI Merchandise line this SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can view the SINAI commercial under the “store” tab right now.
All orders placed this week are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas!
Get that special someone the gift that keeps on giving.. a piece of SINAI merchandise!!

I love you all and thank you so much for your continued support and enthusiasm for this band.





See you guys this Wednesday night ; )))



What up friends!?

Just stopping by to say hello. I’m trilled to tell you the songwriting process is going fantastic, and we’re pumped to share the goods with all of you very soon. Should have a new track up within the next 2 weeks. Maybe even two!

Other than that, as I’m sure you have seen, we are excited to officially announce our partnership with Monster Energy. True story: My fiancée has been drinking those for years, and when we started dating the very first day we hung out we walked to a 7-11 on Melrose Ave in LA to buy Monsters ; ) Anyway, we are stoked about this and thank Monster for their support. You can click one of the many Monster links on this site and check out their website. It’s rad. AND it has a new SINAI profile!

Ok, will have more to say later. For now, be well.



Hey friends,

I’d like to thank you all so much for your incredible response to the band, and the events as of late. Your support makes it all possible. I along with Walt & Shane have been hard at work writing new music and preparing for our very first show.. WMMR’s Goblaroo 2010 at the TLA November 24th. (the biggest party night of the year!) If your free, and anywhere near the Philadelphia area, I would encourage you to try and make it. We are rolling it out BIG.

Other than that everything in the SINAI world is going great. We have new videos and photos in the works, and of course new music. It has been a BLAST working with Walt again in this capacity. We’ve been the best of friends for over 11 years now, but we haven’t gotten to write much together in the last 5 or so years. Lot’s of catching up to do! And if SHAKE, PHYSICAL, CAN YOU HEAR ME, and WE ARE MORE are any indication, I think we’re off to a damn good start.




Hello my friends,

Welcome to our brand new website! I hope you all dig it. I am more excited than ever to be re-united with my best friend, and we are making music at a feverish pace. SINAI is alive and becoming a part of our lives and hearts. I hope it does the same for you.. and together we can have years ahead of us of great music and live shows. On another note, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to Joe “Livewire” Honeyack. It’s because of his hard work and countless hours in front of a computer screen that we have this beautiful new website. Thanx brother.

As always, I thank you for your continued love and support. We hope you dig the new home we have here, and I encourage you to sign up for the street team and join the mission.
Let’s do this.


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  • Avatar Chris Y. says:

    Hey Nick! Been a while since I stopped by the site or the facebook page so I figured I would take the time to swing by and say hello! I’ve been listening to the Sinai songs I was able to download off I-tunes and they’re amazing, so congrats on the great work! I’ve always been listening to a lot of the Silvertide B-sides as well. I was unaware that there were so many! Dragonfly is AMAZING! Very upbeat and incredibly catchy. It’s like musical herpes in the way that I can’t get it out of my head lol!

    I wss wondering if you could possibly help me with something ss well. I while ago I found a B-side on youtube but I can’t remember the name. The video had all the Silvertide members out at a cabin I believe with one of the newer songs playing. If you could direct me in the right direction to find that song I’d greatly appreciate it! Hope all is well for you and the band!

  • Avatar Chris Y. says:

    Oh Nick, I wish I could see what you see in terms of ‘the economy picking up’. Working here as a lowly wage payroll at PSU and seeing that Corbett cut $182.4 million from our state funding has me worried about losing my job as well the house my Wife and I just bought back in August. Ugh.. I just can’t catch a break! But… This isn’t the place to bitch about that sort of stuff!

    I’m glad to hear that the three of you are doing well and that the band as a whole is flourishing! I know you have a lot on your plate between Nick Perri Inc. and Sinai, but don’t be afraid to take a day off every once and a while and kick back! Hell, use the money from the next guitar sale and go buy yourself an Xbox or something! Get some Call of Duty and shoot away your stress (Although playing guitar has always been a great stress reliever for me, I’m sure that it slightly induces stress considering it’s your day job)! Well, gonna cut this short now and just say good to you all and I can’t wait for We Are More to come to I-Tunes! Take it easy and keep it real man!

    • Avatar Nick Perri says:

      Hang in there brother. The times are a changin’. The ALWAYS do. Thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated. All good.. life is crazy and doesn’t make sense all the time, but shit.. it’s all we got so let’s make it the BEST it can be. ROCK! ~NP

  • Avatar Jess says:

    Nick please respond. I know you might want these guitars back now i am sure u are more well off. I am so in love with ur music. I have 27 guitars and need to rid of a few. Jess

  • Avatar April Scott says:

    Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    WOW. Dude. I had no idea you were Christina Perri’s brother! “Jar of Hearts” is actually the only current pop song I like. Love the new tunes:)


  • Avatar Kendi says:

    Omg. I can NOT wait till the 24th!!! I am beyond excited 🙂 Got my tix in my ticket drawer just waiting to be used 🙂

  • Avatar Aaron says:

    Soo … this is the part where you can thank that mysterious bald guy who’s been bugging you and Nick to get back together for years now. Yeah, you don’t have to say anything … you’re welcome ;)P

  • Avatar Nick Perri says:

    Rosie! Your the BEST. Thanx for the kind words. We’ll definitely be hitting the road next year, and we look forward to rocking for you once more.

  • Avatar Rosie says:

    Hi Nick!!

    I am so thrilled to hear that you and Walt are making music together again. You both “had me at hello” in 2004 when I saw you for the first time opening for Van Halen in New Jersey in your band Silvertide. Your guitar along with Walt’s incredible voice are one of the most electric combinations I’ve experienced in recent history and can only be compared with the greats…Page & Plant, Tyler & Perry, Angus Young & Bon Scott etc…

    I can’t wait to experience your new songs and your live shows as that is where you and Walt shine. I’ll be intrigued to see how Shane’s talents connect this powerhouse trio!

    Good luck with all you do; you know I will always be supportive of everything you do and all that you bring to us.

    Love & Light,
    Your best Canadian fan forever,

  • Avatar Dode says:

    WOW! WALT AND NICK BACK TOGETHER FINALLY and adding Shane from JC?? THAT’S THE SICKEST THING! Oh, Congrats Sinai. Can’t wait to hear you but seeing you live promises to be the thrill we’ve all been waiting for!

  • Avatar Kelly Carvin says:

    sooo excited for you guys! can’t wait to see you live! this is such a great thing, i can feel it! keep me posted!! – Kelly Carvin <3

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thanks!!!! Are you going to try and make it to our first show in Philly the night before Thanksgiving at the TLA?

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