Hello all,

Hope your holidayz were good, and you all have a badass new year!
We’re stoked about all that is happening with the band, and looking forward to a big year.
Thanks to all who braved the snow to come see us play the other night.
More to come!

Shane – the man, the myth, the legend


What up peeps!

Been running around like a madman prepping for the holidayz.
gonna be a good new year. The SINAI shuttle is ready for launch.
thanks to all of you for the amazing comments and support.
The view looks good from behind the drums. Y’all are beautiful!


-The most interesting man in the world -



Hi. I hope everyone is as psyched for our 1st show as we are. Do all of you enjoy the music we’ve been streaming so far? If so… let me know in the comment section below which song(s) you love the most. If you have a reason why you love that song(s) more then the others, feel free to write that as well. Stay Tuned for more songs over the next few weeks as we are writing, jamming and recording like mad men.

Stay Sexy. I know I will.



Hey All,

I really like playing drums.
I hope you liked this blog.


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