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  • Avatar James in London says:

    I have a question.
    Here in London and amongst my fraternity of rockin mates I put it out there that I liked Taylor Swift. This was greeted with very mixed reactions ranging from pure anger to disillusion with my powers using the trademark devilhorn. Basically, is it ok to have one chick in your collection that is not as power rockin as the rest of your collection? We all need to have someone like that don’t we? Don’t we?? or am I losing my ability to shred like an animal let loose from the cage.

    • Avatar Nick Perri says:

      Lol. This is my fav comment/question of all time. Cheers! The answer is we ALL have guilty pleasures. No shame in that. Tell your friends to grow a pair and man up to loving something soft.. cause I guarantee they all do in private!! ; )))

      • Avatar James in London says:

        Wow thanks for getting back. Thats reassuring Nick. I thought I was on my own there. Better the devil you know huh? Gives everyone a clean slate.
        When you guys make it over to London, any chance of you playing ‘Freebird’ as an encore? 🙂

  • Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  • hey shane, you and i met at the pennsylvania drum show this past oct. i had the white 3-d moire camco dbl bass kit. i was wondering if you were interested in purchasing them? e- mail me when you can. thanks, andy chrisler. 301 639-5728

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