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  • avatar Nikki says:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say I love your music! Hope there’s an album coming in the near future! xoxo

  • avatar Jerry says:

    hey guys ima local fan from mayfair i went to judge n north i was jw when the album is gonna drop

    • avatar Nick Perri says:

      Hey Jerry! Sweet. Small world! We’re still writing and focusing on getting a great batch of material together before thinking about an album. But we’ll keep you posted! Thanx for the support!!

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    Never mind. I figured out the problem. I had to enable cookies for it to work right. If you even know what the hell I’m talking about(my last message).

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Sometimes I can get into Street Team and sometimes I can’t. I’ve changed my password numerous times. Any idea what the problem might be?

  • avatar Robert says:

    Hope to see more of your music. Been following you guys since almost being beheaded at a silvertide concert by Walt. Get that boy a wireless mic. Anyway, hope you guys do great things.

  • avatar Jata says:

    hello from spain, I ve been following you since silvertide, and now i am waiting for this new album.

    I ve to ask, where is the bass player and of there is no bass player, how do you play on live.

    Thanks for your music.

    • avatar Nick Perri says:

      Hello, Jata! YES, there is bass!! I play bass on the recordings and we export the tracks from pro tools and play them live.. with live drums, guitar, and vox on top. Something new, and different. Thanx for your support!!

  • avatar John T says:

    What are the chances you guys will get down to Texas again, and possibly Houston? My wife and I discovered Silvertide when you guys first started that group and every song on that album has become a personal all time favorites of ours. I’m always interested to hear more of your work.

    Regards… John T

  • avatar Walt Lafty says:

    Thank You all sooo much and as far as the UK goes, We can’t wait to cross the pond! Nobody throws a rock show like the UK!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this, good luck with everything, preview sounds mega.

    get over to the uk, (we cant afford to come to you) ha

    Forgotten sun

  • avatar Andy says:

    Hey guys! Ive been watching you since the days of Silvertide. I was the winner of the last t-shirt contest you guys had. I wish you the best and I cant wait to see you sometime soon down the road!


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