So we’ve been pretty busy. In only a few months since we’ve announced the band,  we’ve written an album’s worth of material already and  continue to work tirelessly on new material, online videos and of course writing each and every one of you back here on SINAIBAND.COM as quickly as possible.

As I slowly catch up with scanning and posting (or should I say emailing the jpg’s of my lyrics to our wonderful web master Joe and then he actually posts all this stuff (Joe, you are the best (yes I just placed 3 Parentheses inside one another so all you grammar nuts can have me drawn and quartered ) ) ) <—-That doesn’t make it better but it made more sense in my mind. Where was I? Oh yes, I remember… As I slowly catch up on scanning lyrics for completed songs I can’t help but reflect on how happy I am with all of our songs. I know, I know… It sounds very bad to pat myself on the back,  and all you out there can say “Walt, you should really be more humble,” but still I do. I’m very happy with how quickly Nick and I jumped back into writing songs together again after all these years being seperated. I’m even more satisfied with the quality of the songs.

For those of you that have been following my music career for over 10 years now you will easily pick up on how my style of writing lyrics, melodies and overall songwriting has changed many times over from my Silvertide days, with American Excess EP and Show and Tell to my raw acoustic record simply titled “Demos” and  more recently, the two Automatic Fire EP’s (The EP and No Decoy) to now SINAI. Even though Sinai have yet to actually release an Album, Ep or even a single, I can honestly say after all these years I truly feel as though I’ve honed my craft as a lyricist and more importantly like I’m at the top of my game. I also think this is no mere coincidence that Nick and I began this journey and are now completing it together.

You may be wondering why I’m rambling on and on… well… the point is that there is no point. There is never a finish line in the life I’ve chosen. We strive to become better. We challenge ourselves to be greater and finally, we never settle. All this being said I am so proud of the words I now sing. I am so proud of this band. With guitar riffs that everyone can party and air guitar to, with drums you can rock out with or dance to and lyrics that are becoming more and more varied than I’ve ever dared to accomplish before in my life. Sure, it started out as 5 songs about relationships because lets face it.. relationships are the most widely agreed on source of frustration, happiness and desire. But after that we’ve already begun to tackle the Human Condition and thought of revolution to the shallow lies our generation and our world were fed on the moving goal post concept of the American Dream and finally, even a song about writing a song.

I’m proud,  after all these years as a front man and lyricist to not only have a voice but to more importantly use it and connect with all of you and say:
You are not alone, We ALL FEEL… and in this is perhaps the most uniting feeling that could bring down the borders that divide us and cross language barriers bringing everyone closer to what we all really are… LOVE.

Thank you again for listening to our music and being with us every step of the way.



So I’ve been scanning my lyric book and posting a new set of Lyrics up on the site. I’ll be posting one new set of lyrics every week so stop back every week and check for new tunes. I’m also taking suggestions so if there is a song that you really want to see the words lyrics to then please post which song under the LYRICS tab and I’ll make it happen. First come, first serve 😉

I hope that you are all enjoying the Behind the scenes vids, Picture of the day and all the other stuff we’re adding to the site and we’re trying to write back to everyone as quickly as possible so check back after you leave a comment or a question… odds are we’ve answered it pretty quick from our phones 🙂

New stuff coming: New Song this week! At least 2 New Videos this week. Our Online Merch store launched yesterday so if you live far from the Philadelphia area… order your shirt soon because we honestly don’t have that many. If you are from Philly or the tri state area then Come out to our show with IKE at the World Cafe in Philly on December 26th!!!! Its the day after X-Mas and Lord knows you’ll need to escape from your families at that point! Its an ALL AGES SHOW as well!!!!

Anyways…. new Lyrics posted this week : “We Are More”

New song being Posted this week: “I won’t walk away from you”



I felt the need to write this blog to thank everyone who came out to our very first show this past week! Nick, Shane and I were truly overwhelmed with joy to not only be performing our very first show together as a band in our home town of Philadelphia, but to feel welcomed by fans, friends, family, fellow musicians and bands into the Local Philadelphia music scene. This show, for all of us, will be marked in our hearts forever and we couldn’t think of a better way to kick start SINAI into the world. It meant so much to us to see many of you already singing along with the melodies, words and music which was something we NEVER would have truly expected to see in our first show! Thank You! You made us feel right at home and helped me to remember why I started writing songs and performing live to begin with. We are so grateful that you are all so passionate about our music and we will never forget Wednesday, November 24th 2010 for as long as we’re alive.

I also wanted to make a special shout out to Jaxon from 93.3 WMMR for not only putting this show together but for always pushing ORIGINAL music in and around the Philly area and for personally standing behind SINAI from day one. Without Jaxon’s dedication to our local original music scene and 93.3 Wmmr’s crazy belief that if the local rock radio stations stand behind its local bands that it may just help to cultivate a scene that will be relevant on a National level AND last but not least,  all of you for joining us and WMMR,  making our local rock scene actually matter … we wouldn’t be able to do what we love without any of you !

THANK YOU!!!!! ”

Thank You for giving us such a momentous first show and beginning. Thank You All.



Hey hey hey,

So while we have our very first show coming up next week in Philadelphia,  I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that can’t make it out to our very first show that we’ll continue to post new songs and even more vids, pics, etc. If you haven’t checked out our most recent tune ” Lookin’ out for me”  then you should stop reading this blog, crank up your speakers and head back to our home page to play the entire song (along with all of our other songs)

We also have another song finished and on the way. The name of that song is “The Idea” and I must say that its probably one of my most fav songs we’ve written so far. Its basically a song about writing a song. We had a ton of fun writing it and Nick and I had a blast recording the Vocal track. If I could marry a guitar riff…. it would be the riff in “The Idea”. As always, Nick’s guitar playing is amazing and Shane’s drumming is a massive 8 cylinder motor pushing forward at 160 mph. I really, really hope you all dig it.

Other then that I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving week. I know we have a lot to be thankful here in Sinai land and I’m sure all of you do too.

Don’t forget to “like” us Facebook, add us Myspace and tweet our Twitters 😉

We Love you all!



Hi everyone!

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we’ve been insanely busy in SINAI land with writing new songs, recording them, making vids for YouTube and planning our very first show at The TLA in Philadelphia on November 24th for 93.3 Wmmr’s Gobblaroo! We will be performing this years Gobblaroo with none other then STONE THROWN, THE SHAKERS and FAT CITY REPRISE and we honestly couldn’t ask for a better way to debut SINAI into both the Philadelphia music scene and the world at large. I promise you between all 4 bands performing on November 24th at the TLA that this is going to be a night to remember (or forget depending on how much we all drink that evening!) and we truly hope that everyone comes out to celebrate the biggest party night of the year and SINAI’s flagship performance!

Thank You all for the support and love so far! Don’t forget to keep checking back here at sinaiband.com for all the news, videos, pictures, show updates and of course…. the music!!!!



As the latest addition to SINAI I feel compelled to write something lengthy but I’ll keep it short for the sake of your time. I’m happy to once again be in a band with my long time friend and songwriting partner Nick. I am also ecstatic that I’m now in a band, for the first time, with Shane Rozum  as I have always been a massive fan of his drumming skills and his ability to own any stage he walks onto.

I’ll try and update this blog as often as possible so stop by frequently to see whats going on in my world with SINAI.


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  • Avatar JAYMAN says:

    Thank you again Walt for keeping your word.. you told me many years ago that you would always write music. Amazing new stuff..The American Dream and Shake are my favorites of the week..but my favorites change daily, all the songs are great.

  • Avatar mark weisman says:

    Who in the hell do we talk to in order to get you guys to brick street in oxford, oh? we had silvertide back in 05- a memorable show and would love to get you back. much success!! Mark

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Hi mark,
      At the moment we are not on tour. We are writing songs, self recording them and trying to reach out to people like you via this website so that when the time comes, we will not only know where to perform, but who we can count on showing up 🙂 If you are trying to expedite an Ohio show the best thing you can do to help is join the street team (if you haven’t already) and spread the word locally. The more fans and website hits we receive from say, oxford, OH for example, the easier it is for us to tell our booking agent to route us there when we announce an official tour. Thank You so much for listening to us! Let me know if any of this helps…

  • Avatar Sarah says:

    I’m still kind of sad Automatic Fire is no more. But I wish you all the best and can’t wait to perhaps hear you guys live one day!! One question though…. how exactly do you pronounce SINAI? Like, “Sin+I,” or “Sin+ay?” I’ve been saying the Sin+I one. I figured when I recommend bands to people I should probably be able to SAY the bands name correctly. Ha ha.

    All the best,

    P.s Great penmanship!! 🙂

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Hey Sarah, I’m sorry you’re sad about AF but look at the bright side… I didn’t die and I’m making new music now with Sinai 🙂 Anyway, think of Mount Sinai from the bible. Its pronounced the same way.

      Tha nks for telling people about us, even if you’re pronouncing our name incorrectly 🙂

      • Avatar Sarah says:

        Oh good lord. 13 years of Catholic schooling and that didn’t even register in my mind. And yes, yes that is very good… Life and whatnot. KEEP IT UP! 😀

  • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

    Thank you all sooooo much for the support and love!!!!

  • Avatar Aaron says:

    SO glad to see you and Nick making music again. You know I’ve been ragging you both about it since I heard about the end of Silvertide … which i still like better BUT HEY! Just glad to see the duo back in business. 😉

  • Avatar Kristin Lafty says:

    walt, good luck. love the songs!

  • Avatar Joe says:

    Hey Walt: I wish nothing but the best and much success for your New band. Remember along the way to KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES!!!!!

  • Avatar Sandy Moscufo says:

    Sooooo happy for you! This band sounds amazing. Looking forward to seeing you guys rock the stage! Congatulations, Lets get this party started!

  • Avatar Erin McAllister says:

    Rock on!!

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