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  • avatar Corey Diller says:

    Nobody has been stopping by here for a while. I just read up on The Idea again. Definitely my favorite song off of A Pinch of Chaos. :)

  • avatar James Govier says:

    Hey Walt,
    I would really like to see the lyrics to shake ’cause I can’t make it all out by ear :( Booooo!
    Hopefully you can put ‘em up soon :D

  • avatar Katie says:

    So I just read through the lyrics to “I Won’t Walk Away From You”…. first of all, great song, but I just wanted to say how much I love the lyrics… so beautiful and heartfelt. Way to go Walt!

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    I know you’re really busy but if you could find the time will you put up the lyrics to “Physical”. (P.S. Thanx for making my son Fan of the Month.) (don’t tell him but I think I’m a bigger fan…shhh)

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    How about the lyrics to “I Won’t Walk Away From You” (now that I’ve fallen in love with it again).

  • avatar swanjohn says:

    Soo cool to be able to see the behind scenes way you make music, thanks for letting us all in…..

    • avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thank You Swan John! Comments like yours make scanning them and having Joe, our webmaster, post them worthwhile. Thanks for listening and reading!

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    My son is one of your biggest fans, (Corey Diller). But I’m a really big fan, too. If you’ve posted them, I missed it. Could you post the lyrics to “Shake”. It would really mean a lot to me. Luv you guys, and Cairo, too. (I save his pictures.)

  • avatar Lucy says:

    I love that you write your lyrics down like this. I just write lyrics on the margin of my homework during class, or type it up, haha.

  • avatar Terrie M says:

    Thanks Walt :-) Wednesday night was great. My daughter and I will be coming to World Cafe on the 26th also. See you then.

    • avatar Walt Lafty says:

      :) No sweat! We’re glad you had a great time! Thanks for coming out! We’ll see you at World Cafe!

    • avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thanks Terrie! FYI: I still haven’t been able to scan my lyric book for “We Are More” yet. I’m waiting on a new scanner/printer thingy to arrive in the mail… my old one doesn’t seem to want to hang out with my Mac Book Pro any more :)

  • avatar Walt Lafty says:

    Hey Terrie,
    I’ll have the lyrics up for “We Are More” in a few days :) Thanks for listening !

  • avatar Terrie M says:

    Hey Guys – Love this tab. How about the lyrics for “We Are More”. My Fav :-)
    See you Wednesday.

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