SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchase HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • Avatar Sam says:

    its really good music, i recommend everyone to don’t miss this.

  • Avatar Ralph Neville says:

    i want the physical cd! please make more. cds sound way better then mp3 or aac files.

  • Avatar Kyle says:

    Really great album! The three of you work really well together. Please tell me that Sinai isn’t just a one-off project and that you guys plan on touring or putting out another album at some point. Waiting nearly 9 years for another Walt/Nick collaboration was too long!

  • Avatar Chris says:

    Hey guys, saw loads of Silvertide shows, glad to see you guys still kick ass, phoenomenal CD!!! Can’t wait for more, take care!

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thanks so much Chris!

      • Avatar Andy says:

        Can’t wait to grab this album! I miss the Silvertide days!! Amazing!! Still have my signed copy from the Taft Theatre show with Godsmack in Cincy! Best of luck,keep rocking!!

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