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  • Avatar kim becker says:

    Hey Nick, Walt and Shane. Just wanted to say that last night’s show at finnigan’s wake was awesome!!! You guys rocked it!! I love you guys! All of the bands were great and very friendly. Can’t wait for next Sunday in Bethleham. Please add Kid Felix to the bill. They have great energy!

  • Avatar Joy Driggers says:

    I am so glad that I found you guys! Loved Silvertide and I have been wanting to hear new music from you guys! Love the sound of Nick and Walt together! You guys are AWESOME!

  • Avatar Jayman says:

    Wow..acoustic video was awesome. I could tell that it took everything you guys had not jump out of your chairs. You guys are great and I’m happy to hear & see anything you guys put on here.

  • Avatar J miles says:

    im from mayfair n was jw about the album n is the philly show gonna only be acoustic

    • Avatar Nick Perri says:

      Hey J. Yes indeed, the philly show is an unplugged performance. we will definitely be playing again – electric – at a another time, hopefully soon. I would still encourage you to check out the acoustic show, as we rarely schedule unplugged performances.

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