Leave Nick a Birthday Message!!

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  • Avatar Nick Perri says:

    WOW! Thank you ALL so so much! I appreciate all the wishes, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You ROCK!

  • Avatar Dean says:

    Hey Nick, Happy Belated Birthday to ya!! I’m wearing my Perri Inc shirt in our honor today !! Cheers!

  • Avatar MICK says:

    Hey man,all the best on your birthday,Bill’s is the 16th,play on brother /\ PEACE

  • Avatar Franny says:

    Happy Birthday, Nick! Love your spirit, generosity, smile, and of course…..your music!!

  • Avatar Synna Simone says:

    Happy Birthday NP!! Hope your day is special! Much love, wishes, and success!! <3

  • Avatar Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Nick!
    Have a wicked awesome day!

  • Avatar Michelina Rigmaiden says:

    Hello and Happiest Birthday! I Live in Bristol Pa and I used to work at a Tattoo Shop in Bensalem where a neighbor of yours said he would pass on the message that he would bring you over for some tattoos. Unfortunately, I left that shop. Anyways, just a story I have been wanting to share. Happy Birthday!

  • Avatar Jeff Sisneros says:

    HAPPY BERFDAY, brutha!! Take a breather, enjoy the day. There will be time tomorrow for guitar slingin’ and building more masterpieces. Hope you have a great day, spend it with the ones who count, and many,many blessed days are ahead. \m/>.<\m/

  • Avatar Bruce says:

    Happy Birthday Nick, the ripper, shredder, guitar God, slammer, creator, musician, and all around guy. Happy Birthday!

  • Avatar brian says:

    Happy Birthday NICK!!

  • Avatar kathryn cali says:

    happy birthday, Nick….here’s wishing you the most enjoyable day ever….! hope to come to see you at Dobbs….just got to PHila…don’t know if that show sold out, i still don’t have tix…..in any case…have a great day! Kathryn

  • Avatar Kyle says:


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