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  • Avatar Dode says:

    Guys, all the vids are amazing and you all sound just as great as I thought you would, but how about some close-ups of you all? You’re all so damned good looking and I know the girls want to see your gorgeous mugs!

  • haha nick…”my name is walt, i sing real good, my name is walt”. LOL You guys are CRAZY! xo

  • Hi guys…I thought I commented last night but I don’t see it. Anyhoo, wanted to show my support, as always. Been a fan since those days at the Staircase Lounge in Pittston, PA (RIP!) So, I went from PA to Toronto and now I’m in Lubbock, Texas…always spreading your songs wherever I go. Now if you ever come to Lubbock, TX…promise me you’ll bring me some TastyKakes and Middlesworth BBQ Chips!!! And I’ll have a pot of White Chocolate coffee ready for Walt!!! Seriously, love the new songs. My faves…”We are More” and “Shake”!!!! Can’t wait to hear the new one you wrote tonight Walt! All the BEST!!!! Have fun!!! xoxo Big Love!

  • Avatar Sheryl says:

    Walt, Nick and Shane…Loving these songs guys!! Been a fan since Silvertide days at the Staircase in Pittston, PA…(RIP…lol) Was living in Toronto and now I’m in Lubbock, TX. Long way from Pennsyltucky, but you guys keep me connected to “home”. God, I miss TastyKakes! Ok, so keep rocking…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “We Are More”!! Can you tell us more about the song meaning and what inspired you to write these lyrics?? Walt, you’re just a cutie…wish I could slip a white chocolate coffee in this message for you, but I’ll have to drink it for you! LoL!
    Peace and Love to you,

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thank You Sheryl,
      Without being long winded, I wrote the “We Are More” Lyrics to remind myself that we are stronger then our problems, yet at the same time we create these problems and complications with our internal struggles, passions, religions, wars, lies, fears, hatred, love, insecurities and so on. Its to remind us that we are human and being human , we should live in the now because while we are more, we are fleeting.

      I hope this helps!!!

  • Avatar Rebekah F. says:

    Just heard about SINAI tonight and have to say I luv your song Shake. You all know what your doing!
    -your newest fan-

  • Avatar Alex Storms says:

    Thanks for putting my Seattle pic in the new video!!! you guys rock!

  • Avatar JAYMAN says:

    OMG.. Thanks for including me and my boys in the new video.. You guys are a huge part of my life..and you will be a huge part of my kids lives too..

  • Avatar BWG says:

    I have seen you guys twice before, as Silvertide, and loved both shows. Can’t wait until your next release. I was just listening to Silvertide when I decided to look you guys up on the web, now I know what to look out for SINAI. Rock on.

  • Avatar Kim Smith says:

    Hmm. I am not so sure about that…

    • Avatar Nick Perri says:

      Not every song will grab everyone the same. That’s what is beautiful about music. Thanx for giving it a chance though, we have almost an entire album’s worth of songs now. I’m sure there is one that will grab you!!

  • Avatar Jen Lafty says:

    Great song!!!! Love it!!!!

  • Avatar Jayman says:

    New song sounds awesome..can’t wait for the studio version..

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