SINAI announce live performance, one night only!


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  • avatar Jeff R says:

    Any chance you can come rock Boise? It’s been a while since you’ve found your way here, Walt…

  • avatar Tommy Frank says:

    Any chance you guys can come down to Antarctica? We love you here.

    • avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Hello Tommy!
      We’re filming a new concert/reality tv series there next week. Its called “Frozen Notes” and its a TV series where the band members live in an igloo for 1 week while living off the land before performing a live concert out side for scientist and penguins. We signed up for this one time performance to bridge the gap between Penguins and Humans in an attempt to help break down the language barriers and offer an olive branch to one another showing that a new race of “Bird People” can be achieved…. All through The Majesty Of Rock. So to answer your question Tommy… YES.

      • avatar Tommy Frank says:

        At first I thought this was a joke, but holy shit!

      • avatar Robert says:

        Walt, everyone knows that you can only communicate to penguins through dance, so I hope you are working on your dance moves.

        • avatar Walt Lafty says:

          Well Robert… you are correct. I am the currently the only Winged Lord Bird Whisperer but we’re hoping with time and education that there will be others. My form of “Bird Dancing” is a bit like Liturgical Dance or as I like to call it “Worm Charmer” While its still a young science I know that with time others will become involved eventually forming the International Alliance Of Winged Lord Bird Whispers or as I wish to call it IAOW-LBW. We would like diplomatic immunity as well as our own passports one day but for now I’ll settle for a box of bird seed and an over sized tree House

  • avatar Liza says:

    Hey guys!
    had a blast on wednesday! you guys killed it! cannot wait to see y’all again..hopefully on the 26th! if not….def somewhere in MD/DC/VA/PA! oh yeah…im thinking of multiple shows already:D :D
    much love

  • avatar Mindy says:

    Hi! Heading to the show tonight and hoping to hear some Silvertide songs-any chance of that? Heart Strong!!!???!!!??!!

  • avatar Eddie Harkins says:

    Was just listening to Show and Tell and searching the web hoping to come across something well… like this! Awesome to see that theres more to come from you guys. If Sinai is anything like Silvertide then the music world is in for a treat because they just don’t make rock like that anymore. Seeing this site is probably the best early Christmas present EVER! Keep rockin guys – can’t wait!!! Will you be around Dayton, Ohio on the tour??

  • avatar Josh Warren says:

    Can’t wait til you guys hit Detroit! I’m forcing all my friends to come! I saw Silvertide several times, and they’re one of the best live acts I’ve ever seen(even at the show when Nick’s leg was in a cast!).

    So stoked to see Nick and Walt back together. Nick was great in Shinedown, but him and Walt are made for each other.

  • avatar Lauren says:

    Will Seattle be included in this tour?? :) :) :)

  • avatar blake says:

    Sinai hope your tour dates included Dallas Texas

    y’all Rock

  • avatar Liz says:

    I loved Silvertide, you guys actually worked with my dad Steve, he works for Levi’s. Now I am interning at Live Nation in Chicago, was stumbling around music sites and saw you started a new band! I can’t wait for you guys to get out again!! :)

  • avatar Paul Sanchez says:

    Minnesota needs to have their ass kicked by Sinai!!! How about a show at First Ave!! Nick have you destroyed any cell phones lately?

    • avatar Nick Perri says:

      We’re coming back, that’s for sure. Haha.. not recently, so I guess it’s overdue! ; )

      • avatar Paul Sanchez says:

        Lol I seen you destroy and burn cell phone in Fargo when you were with Shinedown. (these aren’t flame retardant gloves)!! Video use to be on internet some where but unable to find it anymore!! I’ll be waiting for a Minnesota date and will see you there!! Love the new music can’t wait to see it live!!

  • avatar Kevin says:

    Don’t know if it was in the works or what the deal was.. but live video of the upcoming show a possibility? At least for those who aren’t in the Philly area to check this out?

  • avatar SyM says:

    I hope to see you in ITALY soon as possible!!!

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