SINAI announce live performance, one night only!


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  • Avatar Liza says:

    if i can get the day off you know i’ll be there!!

  • Avatar Nicole Sinai says:

    Hah! Our family name is Sinai. I am so buying some Of you T-shirts to give to my family…
    Wish you/I were local so I could hear you play. Wont be getting to Philadelphia anytime soon from country Australia.

  • Avatar Sean says:

    Wow!!! You guys sound absolutely incredible, nice to see Nick and Walt back together again!!! Hopefully some Northeast tour dates???

  • Avatar Justin says:

    I cant Believe i missed the shows in PA. If it werent for me being based in VA in the navy i would have been home to see you guys. Hope to see you guys somewhere soon.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    Hi Guys.

    I´m writing you from Denmark, and was so exited when i so a kind of reunion (silvertide), and hope to see you soon in Denmark. By the way as other here has mentioned – – Nick you are true great, and since i´m a guitar pick collector i would ask if it´s possible to get one from you, since America is pretty far away 🙂

    Hope the best for all of you in the future, and i´m hoping to hear from you.

    Kim Olsen

  • Avatar John says:

    Yea Buddy can you say Road Trip !!! I’ll be driving down from Dallas to see and hear you ROCK the hall the Austin Music Hall. Big venue used to be an old warehouse. Can’t wait to welcom yo’all to Texas. :0) X 100

  • Avatar andy aka evil pierre says:

    u guys rock..

  • Avatar andy such says:

    u guys rock…

  • Avatar JAYMAN says:

    So..when is the big news coming..soon?

  • Avatar Hannah says:

    i’m confused. are you playing the show in Baltimore with Halestorm? the show is still on, right? btw, Nick Perri, you’re awesome.

  • Avatar Jerry says:

    album please…? lol new song is awesome by the way is the philly show only acoustic?

  • Avatar Dave says:

    So any idea when you guys will be doing a nationwide tour? I saw Silvertide in Chattanooga years ago when Nick had the broken leg, and you guys played a little joint called Rythym & Brews. Ive seen tons of rock shows in my life, and I must say I will never forget the energy and raw talent shown that night. Watching Walt climb the rafters and walk the upstairs banister railing without missing a note is something that one cannot forget. If you come back to Chatty, Ill be there with bells on to show my support. Glad to see you guys back together and giving it a shot again. Best Wishes-

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