SINAI announce live performance, one night only!


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  • Avatar Alex says:

    You guys are great! I saw Silvertide back when you toured with Collective Soul and it was my first concert. I really hope you continue to write great music.

    You need to get some more merch in stock. I’m dying to get a shirt! Come play a show out in Indianapolis. That would be great since I can’t make it out to Pennsylvania.

  • Avatar Lloyd Puckett says:

    Hope to catch y’all in concert in the Houston or Beaumont area. Show and Tell is one of my all time favorite albums (yeah I’m 51 and still call them that) and I love your new Sinai album. Thanks Nick and Walt for getting back together. Keep on Rockin!!

  • Avatar dylan zellner says:

    hey shane my names dylan and my band is everlong, and my drummer is watson maac
    ring any bells????

  • Avatar JAYMAN says:

    Sorry haven’t been on here in awhile.. lost interest during 6 weeks of local shows.. now a mini midwest tour to Michigan is in order..

  • Avatar Ty Kilinc says:

    I’m with Clear Channel, we might be interested in routing. Who do we talk too…


  • I need you Labor day weekend , or Sept 20th or?? New venture kicking it off with Live entertainment. email or call me pls 215-595-8723..Jay ..The Best Ever..

  • Avatar Teresa says:

    I WISH!! Bring a show to Chicago…Im there!

  • Avatar liza says:

    So excited for u guys! And I’m off every other thurs starting the 9th so this works out PERFECTLY! ^_^Love u guys!

  • Avatar Annie says:

    You guys rock! Will you be in Reading any time soon? Where can I pick up a CD?
    You are A+++

  • welp im totallt there fellas!played that venue and itll be hella worth it

  • Avatar Lauren says:

    You guys need to have an all ages or 18+ show soon wish i could go to your show at the tla!

  • Avatar Dominik says:

    Hey guys, ive been following you since your days of Silvertide. Any chance of you guys coming up north to Canada for shows?

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