SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchase HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • avatar ronald meyers says:

    keep on playing, i love to hear you play
    from your fan at the liberty gas station on street rd. bensalem pa

  • avatar Drew says:

    Man, I’m super stoked. I was disappointed back when I heard about Silvertide splitting, Show and Tell was amazing… But now man it’s all good, cuz I’m digging what you’ve got going on with Sinai, I’m telling everyone I know about your new stuff, especially all my old Silvertide converts. Keep up the good work dudes, looking forward to a record and a tour

  • avatar Jayman says:

    Can’t wait to hear American Dream on here…

  • avatar Todd L says:

    In the song “Shake” did Walt hear the Sirens because you were playing too LOUD!?

  • avatar Nick L says:

    Hey guys-

    I’m in the US Navy currently stationed in Kuwait. My cousin in philly told me to check you out, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is. Definitely making me feel back at home a bit more just listening to you guys. Can’t wait until I’m back home in PA and can check you guys out live!


    • avatar Nick Perri says:

      Thanx so much Nick. And thank YOU for your hard work and service for this great country. We will ROCK out in your honor on Sun night, and hopefully in person for you soon. Happy Holidays!

  • avatar Scott says:

    Good luck on the 26th men!! I’ll be there in spirit, singin’ along and looking forward to seeing you in the midwest in due time!!! Keep up the good work and thanks for posting the full versions of the songs. Great for spreading the word!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  • avatar Jayman says:

    The acoustic is simply amazing.. goose bumps.. wow.. I totally agree with some prior comments. Walt and Nick have reached a new level in songwriting and playing ability. rock too, but this acoustic song is going to make you guys huge again.

  • avatar david melendez says:


  • avatar SyM says:

    amazing music guys!! I love all your songs… keep rockin!!!! It’s a dream come true to see Nick and Walt together again in a new band! Now it’s time to see you in concert!!! :) hopefully in Italy!

  • avatar Katie says:

    LOVE the acoustic version!! Keep it up guys! :)

  • avatar Liza says:

    wow….i already loved the orig version of I won’t walk away from you..but the acoustic version? i’ve listened to the song about 9 times already…absolutely beautiful!! got all teary the first time i heard it…cannot wait to hear this live!

  • avatar Dan & Cali says:

    Awesome tracks! lovin them… so is my 2 year old…shes currently shakin her hips and jivin insanely to ‘SHAKE’ (lovin that already…’PHYSICAL’ just beginning and shes really going for it like mick jagger, no, infact more like Walt Lafty on stage!

    She regularly hand picks Show and Tell out of our album collection, so i cant wait till shes demanding SINAI next… EP/LP/FULL LENGTH…whatever! cant wait! Whenever you get to hit Europe, Dont forget the United Kingdom (Manchester specifically!)

    All the best to you guys, clearly an awesome trio. Dan & Baby Cali (still dancin like crazy with a little foot stomp to ‘Lookin’ Out For Me’)

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