SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchase HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • avatar Marjeana says:

    I agree the acoustic version of “I won’t walk away from you”.. is amazing..reminds me of Heartstrong.. :) I will admit I miss Silvertide, and I think it’s only because I seen you guys when you first started on least four times or more.. heck I think I even have the poster from the first time you toured with Shinedown.. and everyone was like.. who the heck are they.. LOL.. I loved that album.. and was so anticipating another album, but I got over it, obviously I didn’t stop being a fan.. :) .. so I’ll say this once this album gets made, you tour, and do all the “band” things, there better be another album.. OK!! :) Hugs!!

  • avatar Katrina says:

    I LOVE the acoustic version of “I Won’t Walk Away”!!!! Such a powerful song with very meaningful/heartfelt lyrics. THIS one is going to ROCK the world!!!

  • avatar david C says:

    My name is david,i live in paris France,i grew up listening all kind of rock music thanks to my Dad who was a true rock addict he made me my rock education with band like the rolling stone, led zeppelin.He brought me to all kind of concert and later it was my turn to make him discover some moder rock band like Live,Shinedown and of course Silvertide .And god did he love Silvertide.My dad passed away last year i know he would have loved SINAI ,and i would have brought him to the Concert in Paris like i did for a lot of Rock band.
    I really hope that you will come to Paris.There are great rock scene in Paris.
    In Sinai you are all very talented.I am sure you have a big and great career in front of you.
    David C from Paris

  • avatar Alex says:

    If SILVERTIDE was the best new band since Guns n’ Roses, SINAI is the best new band since SILVERTIDE.
    I was hoping for Automatic-TIDE and for Shine-TIDE, but now I’m really glad what I hear from SINAI-TIDE!!!
    ‘The american dream’ and ‘We are more’ are masterpieces and I’m sure that there are some more to follow. Hope you produce an album very soon.

  • I’m currently sitting in the Lounge at school(pENN sTATE) , researching trips for my theater club to take and i get this inkling for some kick ass music…so where do i go…SINAIBAND.COM…that’s where .. i LOVE YOU NEW STUFF, ITS FU***G glad you guys are around. Mistletoe jam kicked major ass…i loved it. I’ll be seeing you mom this weekend(Mrs.Perri) . Peace.Love.Awesomeness.

  • avatar Rhonda says:

    Saw Silvertide open up for Alice Cooper what seems like a million years ago and have been hooked on Walt’s voice ever since. Love the sound of Sinai and looking forward to hearing more! =)

  • avatar MikeRocker says:

    Hey guys, long time fan of Silvertide and now a huge fan of Sinai!!! Was just wondering if you guys plan to release an EP or LP in the near future?

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    Maybe I’m just an old woman and my opinion doesn’t matter, but as great as all of your other work is, you’ve outdone yourselves with “The American Dream”. I liked “Shake” but this one really gets to ya. You guys are fantastic.

  • avatar JAYMAN says:

    American Dream rocks, as expected.. can’t wait to have this on CD..or see it LIVE…

  • avatar John Adams says:

    How about some UK dates when you tour. I would love to see you guys in London.

  • avatar Taylor says:

    I’m a fan of Silvertide, and never really looked into this band because 90%, when I do look into the “new band,” I end up being disappointed. The music’s really good, and I regret not looking into you guys sooner. Is your music available on iTunes or anything?

  • avatar Corey Diller says:

    Hey guys, just checking out the tunes again. I loved seeing both the shows and I look forward to rocking out again with you.

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