SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchase HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • avatar Frankie says:

    Straight as an arrow……. My favorite song by you guys… you killed it

  • avatar Bruno Arena says:

    Straight As An Arrow is a killer tune guys! Guitar is awesome, the vocals are really impressive and the drums are stunning. Keep Rockin’!

    Greetings from Sao Paulo – Brazil

  • avatar SwanJohn says:

    Can’t wait to face the barrel live and in person. Song is outstanding!!! Texas and the rest of the globe awaits this tidal wave now known as SANAI !!!!!!!

  • avatar anna marie says:

    Nick-the songs are freakin awesome-can’t wait for the CD! Believe it or not, my mother-in-law got me hooked on you and your sister’s music. Your mom cuts her hair at the salon. Word of mouth about you guys soon spread form my mom-in-law to my son, who knew you from Silvetide and Shinedown.One thing led to another, and know you have fans down here in Texas(former Philly residents!) waiting to see you live whenever you are able to rock on down this way!

  • avatar Woodi says:


  • avatar Alex says:

    ‘Straight as an arrow’ brings up a theatrical note in your music. I’m amazed and thrilled once again about your song writing qualities. ‘Devil’s Daughter’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ are two of the best rock songs ever writen. But now they really get keen competition. I was just wondering who’s the best song writing team: Lennon/McCartney? surely not. Tyler/Perry? Robinson brothers? Tommy Shaw/Jack Blades? Your on the best way to make this question harder and harder to deside!

  • avatar Chris Y. says:

    Sick new song guys! Just got a few comments for each of you!

    Walt: I love you’re voice in this song! It sounds so different compared to what you have done musically so far and I’m really digging it! It’s nice when musicians can branch out like that and show everyone that they’re not a “One Trick Pony”. Good job!

    Nick: Is that opening guitar riff the one you were messing around with in the video’s?

    Shane: As usual, the drums are tight as hell. Keep it up man!

    Sinai, you’re F^#|<ing sick, keep up the great work!!

  • avatar sheryl says:

    I just heard “Straight As An Arrow”!!! Freaking AWESOME work!!! Promoting this to everyone I know!

  • avatar Brad says:

    Walt and Nick- a bunch of questions:

    1. What was it like touring with Van Halen while you were in Silvertide (BTW, Walt is that DLR on your tee shirt on the homepage??)

    2. What are the rest of the former members of Silvertide doing now?

    3. Preview tracks are awesome (The American Dream my fav). When can we expect this to be released on CD (I’m old school).

    4. Any idea when we can expect a US tour?

    Thanks guys.

    • avatar Nick Perri says:

      Hey Brad. 1) Awesome! 2) They are both doing well, and still involved in the music industry. 3) Not sure, but we’ll keep ya posted. 4) As soon as possible!!! Thanx bro.

  • avatar JB says:

    Similar story here — first heard Silvertide open for a Shinedown show and they tore the place apart! Big time fan of you guys and I’m excited to hear about SINAI. Looking forward to a CD and tour dates. Come visit us in the dirty south — ATL!

  • avatar Jayman says:

    Preview tracks are killing me.. I need to rock out to the whole song… hopefully soon..

  • avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    I really need a CD. Can you give us an approximate time?
    (p.s. Need some shirts, too.)

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