SINAI’s 1st full length album out now!!

It is available for purchase HERE

Check out a few tracks below

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  • Avatar Hugo says:

    Oh fuck! This is so good! Please release an album! I wanna hear you guys everywhere… not only when I’m on the web!

    Great band!

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Hi Hugo,
      Keep coming back to the site over the next few weeks to hear about news on Sinai releasing music via iTunes.

  • Avatar Dan & Baby Cali says:

    My daughters still rockin around the room to these tunes, awesome stuff, seriously brilliant musically track after track… daughter agrees aswell, just got a nod of the head…then again she may have been head bangin. Dan & Cali, UK

  • Avatar Joy DiNaro says:

    I want to buy you’re music!!!!!!!! Where can I get it??????

  • Avatar Nick Perri says:

    Thanx everyone! We appreciate all the support. You all kick serious ass!!

    • Avatar Tom says:

      You guys better come up to VT…we’ll be pissed if you don’t and trust me, the last thing you need it VT pissed at you!!! lol

  • Avatar Danny Schneider says:

    To add depth to studio albums: mix in two guys from Blind Melon who produced a terrific 1st (and only) album for the band American Minor.

    Have been listening since the ‘tide…great stuff here boys. Excited about the reunion!

  • Avatar Katie says:

    You guys were fantastic last night! The best bands are the ones that can still rock acoustic. Any plans for a CD? Whenever that happens I’ll be first in line!

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thanks Katie,
      We’re talking about a cd but we may start out releasing singles first or an ep via iTunes… after that we’ll start talking about a full length.

  • Avatar Elfleda Harlacher says:

    The show last night was awesome, and meeting you guys was a dream come true. Corey thinks I’m starstruck. But I just think you guys are great. I can’t wait to see you again.

  • Avatar Frankie says:

    Was at the show lastnight and you guys killed it, Was great talking to ya Walt and how you like to speed up to get away from the cops, lol, see ya guys again when you come back around, Amazing how you were still able to pull off that type of music in that style last night…

  • Avatar Dustin says:

    I need to drive to these tunes imediately! How do I get them?

    • Avatar Walt Lafty says:

      Thanks Dustin,
      We’ll let you know when the music is available. At the moment you are listening to our own recordings of the songs. We will eventually head into the studio to re-cut these songs again for a full on Studio album or limited press EP. The moment we release something you’ll be sure to hear about it on one of our posts here on the site so check back for updates and news…

  • Avatar Nick Perri says:

    Thanx so much everyone! We love ALL of you!!

  • Avatar KatGirl says:

    OMG!!! Love your new song, “Straight As An Arrow”!! Your new YouTube Behind the Scenes video is awesome as well.(Hope you didn’t “NICK” yourself shaving LOL) I can’t wait to see you all in concert! KEEP ROCKIN’!

  • Avatar Frankie says:

    Straight as an arrow……. My favorite song by you guys… you killed it

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